Greetings, fellow editors!

And by "editors," I, of course, mean me. At least for now.

Anyway, if you got here, there's a good chance you came through the main page. You probably noticed the new article slider at the top and you might have noticed the "recent blog posts" section at the bottom. That's me, just trying to "pretty" up the wiki a little. In my... decoration, I suppose you could call it, I also added a whole bunch of pictures. I mean a lot. Anyway, I'm still in the process of using those. That reminds me, um, one of those is actually an OF: Dragon Rising screenshot. If anyone could delete that, it'd be great. If I can get the "abandoned wiki" or whatever to work on the Wikia network main page, I can get bumped up to admin, and do all that myself. Besides that, I made a weapon infobox. It's pretty cool.

So, the Hybrid wiki i introduced in an earlier blog post... I have done a little on it. I've tripled the number of pages! Which was only one. So there's three now. With a bunch of red links. I keep those around so I have a reminder to make those pages.

In conclusion, you've probably noticed that I've taken a more casual tone in my blog posts recently. Maybe when (yes, "when," I'm staying optimistic) this becomes a notable wiki, then I will return to my more professional style. I'm also debating on using the British (and others, but just saying "British" is easier) spelling of words like "armor" and "color," changing to "armour" and "colour." Ha, Google Chrome is telling me that the British versions are misspelled. No offense, of course. But, if anyone reads this, tell me which you would prefer, since this is a British game with American characters.

Running out of clever all-by-myself-here lines,

Imadeausername! (talk) 20:22, October 16, 2012 (UTC)

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