So, we have reached a total of 32 pages so far, starting from the 14 or so we had when I joined the wiki. First, as I am really the only person who does anything on this wiki, (more on that later) I'd like to thank User:Geeza1997 for creating this wiki, because if he didn't, I would have, but he did an amazing job. Second, the anonymous contributor that corrected the page Daniel Taylor, fixing his rank for Lance Corporal to being second-highest in Outlaw 2-Bravo to the lowest, I would like to express my thanks. I checked, and I was incorrect, Corporal is a higher rank in the Marine Corps than Lance Corporal.

The sad fact of this wiki is that it is a loose amalgam of individual articles, with no real format or continuity. This is my priority. I will soon create a subpage in my Wikipedia userspace [1] which will become a sandbox for creating templates and boxes for use on this wiki. I will also attempt to add more images, so that the articles are not just walls of text. Finally, I will continue in the standardization, correction, formatting, and addition of the wiki in general.

Finally, I want this wiki to be recognized. I want it to appear, not on a list of small, newborn wikis, but as an established, informative wiki, despite the relative unpopularity of this game.

By myself in this wiki, all alone,

Imadeausername! 20:15, September 7, 2012 (UTC)

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